A Pinch of Kindness, a Dash of Joy, I Season Now With Love, Enjoy!

Three crones, a large bubbling cauldron, a blazing fire, stirring, stirring, stirring, chanting, chanting, chanting, “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble”…. one of the most oft repeated lines from “The Scottish Play”. It has become part of common memory and yet there is much more to the idea of a cauldron.

Prominent in Celtic Mythology, each magical cauldron held a different power. One was a cauldron of plenty, continually full. In the legends of Bran was a cauldron of rejuvenation. If a warrior died in battle he would spend the night in the cauldron and be returned to life the following day and just like a newborn he would be without the power of speech.

Usually made of cast iron, although available in other metals as well ( mine are copper ), cauldrons have fallen out of favour as a modern cooking utensil. More than just for use in the kitchen cauldrons were used on a practical level for laundry and soap making, anything where larger quantities of liquid needed to be heated.

Into this Kitchen Wand cauldron, we add a pinch of kindness for warmth and connection to others, a dash of joy for all the benefits that come to a body when stress is released and you live from a place of happiness and a liberal sprinkling of Love, as the highest expression of Universal Energy. How can one do anything but enjoy what has been prepared with those ingredients?

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