Kitchen Brownies, Garden Fairies, helping cooks and aiding berries

In the fairy family tree, brownies and hobgoblins are kissing cousins. If you didn’t grow up with an English connection, you might not know that “hob” is another name for stove top. Brownies are all tiny older looking men who are said to get their name from the colour of their eyes and hair (highly unusual in a land of redheads and black tops). Their skin tone is also darker with all the time they spend outside and they are said to wear brown as well but it is extremely rare to see them during the daytime in their true form and therefore very hard to verify.

With that in mind, this Kitchen Wand design has the style of the magical creature you would more likely find helping out in the kitchen while you are soundly sleeping as opposed to something from the world of Disney.

All elementals have an innate connection to the natural world. Brownies and their cousins have also developed a relationship with goodhearted, hardworking people. There are a few rules that will help keep your brownie content to stay at home as some have been known to do through generations.

Brownies are not fans of the family cat. Possibly because they love cream just as much as cats and have no wish to fight over it and possibly because cats are up and about when brownies are at their busiest each night and being disturbed in a game of hunt and seek gets tiresome when you are the hunted.

Leave food in corners as a thank you but be subtle. Brownies will leave homes where their efforts are too obviously recognized. The alternative is even worse as they can easily become mischievous and have been known to bang pots and drag furniture around the house to rouse all sleepers.

Once a brownie feels insulted it is “nigh on impossible” to regain their respect but keeping them happy will afford you an industrious assistant in your kitchen each night, content to get it right and ready for the coming morning.