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Sourced from the bounty of Mother Earth, charmed with a prayer, branded by transformative fire and immersed in grape seed oil and melted beeswax for protection; when combined with your intentions, these Kitchen Wands support an environment within which to create your magic.

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Kitchen wands are meant to be used

If you have ever felt you would like to have a wand but were too “mature” for such things; if you have wanted to explore cooking food from a different perspective, one where you are an integral part of the process or just secretly wished you could have been part of Dumbledore’s Army, then Kitchen Wands are the perfect way to make your cake and eat it too.

How seriously you take this is up to you.

Kitchen Wands come in a selection of eight images all etched on beechwood, a wood connected to healing and sustenance. Ordering more is possible through mykitchenwand.com

These are spoons for using, not hanging decoratively on a wall so they are laser engraved on the front bowl of the spoon, right side up from the perspective of the person using it.

The Story of Energy

There are several ways dip your toe in the subject of subtle energy.

Masaru Emoto, published a book in 1990, The Message from Water. He called the energy Hado and wrote “Hado creates words. Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.”

Dr. Emoto’s Hado theory postulates that, ‘since all phenomena are at heart, resonating energy, by changing the vibration we can change the substance’.

Wand in Use

Thanks to Sandeep for sharing this photo

On a different note, The Institute of Neotic Science, had similar results  produced through an experiment that allowed people to rate happiness. In a double blind test, it was determined that chocolate infused with positive intention effected peoples feelings. You can find the full story at noetic.org in the research project section under chocolate and mood.

From a cooking perspective, Mariel Hemmingway, in her book, Mariel’s Kitchen includes in the final chapter some thoughts on the sacredness of food. She writes “the energy that was put into the food stays with us and moves into our cells, into our sense of self”.

Mariel also comments, “Throughout history, in all sacred places, the ritual of food has a profound place in the connection to spirit. Whether in the preparation, the sacrament, the blessing, the intent, or the symbolism, cooking is understood to be a ritual of connection and devotion. Done consciously, it becomes sacred to the development of your sense of self and your connection to your bigger self, that part of you that is already perfect. Care for your inner environment by being aware of your participation in the outer environment, that place the sustenance comes from, and you feel a deeper connection to yourself as a unique expression of the divine.”

What is being said from a variety of perspectives is that cooking with positive intentions brings a uniquely important ingredient and that with intention, you can add immeasurably to your completed creation.

Several other cookbooks that offer additional thoughts from different perspectives are The Mystic Cookbook by Denis & Meadow Linn and  Wisewoman’s Cookery by Shannon Loeber & Mary Elsie Edwards.

Enjoy the read.


At play in the garden

The Irish legends say that the God Ogma used Beechwood on which to create his alphabet. Both Norse and Roman cultures carved messages onto Beech tablets. So it comes as no surprise that Beech was used in the making of our very first books as it reminded our ancestors of the value in preserving written knowledge for the benefit of future generations.

Beech is connected in past traditions to wisdom and knowledge, focus, divination, healing, meditation and protection and while Oak may be the King of the Forest, in Celtic cultures, Beech is Queen.

Wand Care

Your wand was infused with warmed grape seed oil and liquid beeswax. Cherish your new beechwood wand with a massage of food grade oil as needed. Bathe in warm sudsy water without allowing it to soak. Over time your wand will show it has been used to create delicious offerings but as the image has been burned into the spoon it will always be part of your Kitchen Wand.

Take what resonates with you from the information above and feel free to leave the rest.

It is wonderful to have the choice!

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