Yule Cookie Stamps

Four alder wood laser cut cookie stamps for Yule.

Yule Cookie Stamps from My Kitchen WandJust under two inches in diameter, they have been bathed in beeswax and grape seed oil. Please wash by hand in warm soapy water. Not recommended for a dishwasher.

These stamps have been tested through 10 dozen cookies but it is important to remember that wood has grain and being gentle while pushing down at narrow points is important.

Triskele – diverse, complex and varied are the meanings of this symbol. It is probably most well know as the design etched on the entrance stone at Newgrange, in Ireland. Newgrange is a winter solstice aligned site. On solstice morning, if the sun is strong enough, its light travels down the entrance way to the back of the site, heralding the end of darkness and the returning of life. The triple spiral has many additional paths worth exploring. One is the concept of maiden, mother, crone, where each arm is a stage in a woman’s life and a connection to Brigid and other ancient goddesses who embody either one aspect of the three or all three together.

Candle – or bonfire has always been a responding call/greeting to the sun that together with the Earth, gives life to everything upon it. Candles shine light into the darkness. It is what dwells in the midst of the candle flame that connects with our souls, speaking beyond words. No matter how black the darkness, a single candle flame can conquer it. It has been written that no matter how solitary one flame is, it is never alone or lonely for its light knows no boundaries and touches eternity. 

Evergreen Tree – when all has died and the earth is barren, several plants are honoured as reminders that life will come again. They are the ones that remain green over the winter season symbolizing immortality and eternal life; holly, mistletoe, and evergreens. Branches of evergreens were hung over doors and windows. The reasoning was that the eternal life energy from the branches would scare away anyone under the influences of the spirits of the underworld and the spirits themselves. It is from these roots that we have the Christmas trees of today.

Evergreens also represented the Tree of Life/World Tree and in ancient times they was decorated with gifts the local community wished to receive from the gods.

Bells – are rung to communicate a message of some sort. The higher vibrations of a bell were thought to banish unwanted spirits and energies by disrupting their lower vibrations, a form of protection. You will find them on door handles, tinkling away every time the door is opened and closed, keeping a space safe. Sound is energy and can therefore affect other energies on a physical level. Do you know about the work exploring sound as a way of putting out fires?

Winter Solstice morning was a time for the ringing of bells. The intention was to drive away any negative energy that had arrived during the dark time of the year. In this case the bells were used as the heralds of warmer, brighter days following the solstice.

Set of Four Autumn Cookies Stamps      $19.00 Canadian

It is best to use a recipe with little or no large extra bits. Spices, extracts and zest are fine but chopped nuts and dried fruits can be more challenging to work with. The cookies in the picture below have a bit of added lemon zest and rum extract.

Roll out dough of your chosen recipe and cut circles either with a glass or scalloped edge cookie cutter.

Tap stamp in flour and push down into the center of the precut cookie.


Sugar cookies are traditionally taken from the oven before they brown but since these cookie will not be iced, I personally prefer to get them just a little golden around the edges. That will mean a little paying attention so as not to over bake.

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