Beannachtai na Bride ar an teach seo

There is a strong connection to the Celtic Goddess Brigid in the traditions of Imbolc and through her to St. Brigid, a patron saint of Ireland and the celebrating of Candlemas.

Of the many practised customs of Imbolc probably the most known (after spring cleaning) is the making of Brigid Crosses. They are usually woven from the straw left over after the creation of the Brideog or “Little Brid, a doll decorated with all manner of pretty things.

On Imbolc Eve, it was common for the Brideog to be carried through the streets to the houses in the village. The procession would be invited into homes for singing and blessings and if a home was in need of a fresh Brigid Cross, one was given.

The new Brigid Cross was sprinkled with sacred water and then a blessing is asked of Brigid for home and family before it is hung near a door.

This Kitchen Wand also asks for the blessing of Brigid for your home and will find a lovely place to call home in your cozy kitchen.

The circle around the cross is in Gaelic with the English on the inside.