Tea Towels

The printing process. All Kitchen Wand tea towels are digitally printed with water based dyes. As a small niche business, it can be a challenge to transform ideas into reasonably priced products when screen printing. Each additional colour requires an additional screen at an additional cost. ( So naturally, my first design has 13 colours in it. ) With digital printing it is possible to get a range of colours and shades, allowing you, the customer, access to many more choices.

Brushed cotton is a premium tea towel. Designed and woven to feel more like linen. This is your grandmother’s tea towel, the piece de resistance of tea towel materials. It will last forever ( not literally ) and will take time to soften and wear in, sometimes longer than one might appreciate.

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Tea Towel Designs

Every Season is Cookie Season brushed cotton tea towel

Family, fun, love and learning combine in this informal, colourful look at time spent together in the kitchen where there is always the opportunity to share traditions, stories, and wisdom. Create a unique gift by adding a set of My Kitchen Wand cookie stamps.

Memories born round the kitchen table, from flour, spices, myths and fable. Family traditions kept through the year. Enchanted gifts for those we hold dear. Making space to learn and time to play. Baking love to fill the serving tray. Gather close, discover your reason, every season is cookie season!”

Every Season is Cookie Season $19.00 Canadian


Grandmother Weaver Tea Towel from My Kitchen Wand

Grandmother Weaver brushed cotton tea towel

Cross orb weaver spiders happily find homes in woodpiles, pumpkin patches and window corners. They are oft times seen as teachers and helpers from which support can be requested.

Creating your web of glittering strands, I work a like magic from caring hands. At home by my hearth, I spin with love with you at my window, ensconced above. Wisdom, protection, I ask you to share with thanks & a blessing that well may you fare. Grandmother Weaver, please act as my guide as forth on my journey I stumble & stride. Show me sight true, that clear I might see.With harm to no one, So Mote It Be.

Grandmother Weaver Tea Towel $19.00 Canadian


Thirteen Moons brushed cotton tea towel

Thirteen Moons brushed cotton tea towel

The moon’s journey around the earth includes waxing, full, waning and dark phases before the cycle repeats itself. 13 lunar cycles make a solar year. This triple moon image also represents the three aspects of the Divine Feminine; maiden, mother and crone.

Edged with cotton lace for easy washing, the filigree moons transition from fuchsia to lavender to blue with deep purple writing.

Try pairing with a …Lady, guide my hand Kitchen Wand.

Thirteen Moon Tea Towel $19.00 Canadian



In my kitchen… brushed cotton tea towel

This colourful Celtic pentagram pattern will be at home in any Kitchen Witch’s kitchen. A white tea towel with bright borders top and bottom. Each point rotates one position across the width of the tea towel. My Kitchen Wands, signature invocation, ” In my kitchen filled with care, I Welcome, Earth, Fire, Water, Air“.

Combines well with a Blessed Be my food for Thee Kitchen Wand.

In my Kitchen…  $19.00 Canadian


Happily sitting on an Enchanting Creation Kitchen Wand and carefully flying off to share a comforting meal (or magical potion) on the full moon. What more could a black cat ask for?

This image is printed once, in the corner of the tea towel. Fold this tea towel in half vertically and pop it over the oven handle. The complete design will be visible for all to enjoy.

Finish off with an Enchanting Creation Kitchen Wand.

Kitchen Witch Tea Towel $19.00 Canadian


These comments come from Valerie Lana, a much appreciated volunteer tester.

June 14th 2014 – one month in `It washes well, the colours hold beautifully, and other than a light pressing, it comes out of the wash in great shape. It’s only downfall is that the cotton isn’t as absorbent as a thicker cotton blend would be or a terry.`

`It gets washed about once a week, and the fabric is still quite firm. I use Kirkland phosphate free liquid detergent and we have a water softener system here (calcium and lime in our water otherwise). No issue with stains, yet; I do live with pets and a mechanic, only time will tell on that one Also, I wash in cold water typically; warm if the well water is too cold. I chose to iron it lightly after it came out of the wash but that’s because I typically hang things to dry and anything cotton usually needs a fluff up or light steam to make it look crisp again.

August 22, 2014 update `The towel did soften a bit but the nature of that particular fabric is that it is stain resistant but not overly absorbent, probably to help resist staining. The colours are still very vibrant (even after a couple dozen washes) and it frequently gets used to polish my glassware. I still iron it after the wash, but again, that is because I prefer a nice crisp look (grandmother’s influence). I would definitely recommend the product. `


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