Blend dandelion wishes with lioness might; allow to bubble

There is a Scandinavian saying, ”God gives every bird its worm, but He doesn’t drop it in the nest”. As with all Kitchen Wands this is a gentle reminder that you are a vital addition to success in all your intentions. Might is not strength alone. It is prowess, and empowerment; being a force of nature.
A lioness is most active during twilight, making her a crepuscular creature. Many cultures view dawn and dusk as powerful times, full of possibilities. It is not one or the other but a space between. From a scientific perspective it is part of the mysteries of quantum mechanics. From a spiritual perspective, it is that “whole-y” place created within which to connect to spirit, another place of mighty potential.
One of dandelions gifts is as a cleansing tonic, another reminder that space may need to be cleared before that wish can manifest in your life.
Bubbling is a process that brings disparate ingredients together to form something new. Meat and vegetables become stews, fruits thicken to jam. It is a maturing time.
Allow your dandelion wishes and lioness might to bubble into maturity.