From the Earth to my Kitchen, used in Healing and Witchen’

All ingredients in cooking are gifts from the Earth. Some come directly via foraging or the back garden while others come through industrial production. We each choose how to stock our hearth but flora and fauna alike, we are the beneficiaries of these gifts.

Healthy food is healing to the body. It nourishes us and keeps dis-ease at bay. We feel much better when eating the good foods our bodies desire and a Kitchen Witch is skilled at preparing dishes that comfort the soul as well as the body.

The witchen` part of this design is for potions and elixors; balms and salves, often prepared as home remedies to counter act a cough or upset tummy by someone familiar with the uses of herbs and spices.

So whether you are mixing up a batch of bath salts or chocolate chip cookies, a compassionate Kitchen Witch adds the energy of good intentions with integrity.