Frozen or Take-out is more my style but I always add Love

Dean Radin is the Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He was involved, in 2001, in “an intention experiment involving chocolate infused with positive intentions from Tibetan Monks and a Mongolian Shaman. The results of this experiment showed, under double-blind, placebo-controlled conditions, that people’s moods were significantly elevated when they ate the chocolate that had been ‘blessed’ as opposed to the control chocolate.

The thing that struck me is that the chocolate, already solid, was affected by the energy of the people working with it. Melted, untempered chocolate has a crystaline structure so Dr. Emoto’s work with water could possibly be applied to melted chocolate but this experiment seems to be saying that even after the fact, as in frozen or take-out, blessing food can have a beneficial effect.

Juggling all our balls these days can sometimes mean that we let drop a rubber one or two, in order to keep the glass ones in the air, unshattered.

Make the best choices possible and take the time to add love before serving.