I’m mixin’ up good vibrations

In 1966, the Beach Boys went to #1 with the songĀ  “Good Vibrations”.

The inspiration for the title came from a conversation that Brian Wilson had with his mother as a boy when she explained that the reason some dogs bark at people is that they are picking up on that person’s bad vibrations.

In Brian, it sparked an interest in “limbic resonance” which suggests that our nervous systems respond and attune with the nervous systems of people around us, especially those we have close connections with like good friends and family. The research of Drs. Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon suggests that this close connection can effect our emotional health, heart rhythms, sleep patterns and personalities.

Brad Stulberg in an article entitled “Good Vibes are Contagious“, suggests “just being aware of how easily emotions spread allows you to change yourself and, in turn, change those around you“.

It seemed like an ideal starting point for a Kitchen Wand. When we know we can have such a strong effect on others, does it not make sense to consciously choose “good vibrations” over “bad” whenever possible?