2015 New Moon Abundance Cheques from My Kitchen Wand

2015 New Moon Abundance Cheques

A tool to help hold the focus of your goals in 2015. Dream big and include your energy in the magical equation. Give yourself and your friends the gift of abundant creation.

Fill out each cheque on the new moon, mark it “Paid in Full” or something specific. Add your goals for the month on the memo line. Keep the cheque were it is visible to you each day.

You do not need to know how it will happen. That is not your job. Just state your intention and hold the possibility in your heart. When your brain starts to question, undermine or becomes critical, return to the original intention. Every act of creation needs the element of belief and that can sometimes take more than one attempt.

Abundance Cheques from My Kitchen WandWhen working with this tool please check the actual times of the new moon in your part of the world as each zone is different and this can on occasion effect the date as well.

The file includes,

  • 12 blank new moon dated cheques to cover 2015,
  • 3 undated cheques for something that may come up over the year
  • a cover sheet.

Click 2015 Abundance Cheques to download the .pdf file.

Abundance Cheques from My Kitchen WandI have also included an Open Office (.odg) File of the same cheques. If your system allows you to work with this file you can personalize it by adding names and making any other changes you would like.

Click 2015 Abundance Cheques to download the .odg file.

My printer is not so wonderful for colour and art, so I printed some off for friends at Staples online, cut them up and stapled them together. Total cost $1.54 plus tax. Great new year gift for the right person.

May this year bring you joy, peace and healthy nibblies and may 2015 fulfill your dreams.

Bright Blessings to you and yours.




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