Deep Within Abundant Endings Stir the Seeds of Fresh Beginnings

Sometimes in the work to achieve a healthy balance and relationship between the masculine and feminine elements of life, men can get a bit of a bad rap. Being out of balance in either direction has consequences.

We wanted to celebrate the Horned God. Whether Pan or Cernunnos, Pashupati, Puck, Pachacamac, Veles, Lord of the Winter, Hu Gadarn, or Belatucadros ( just to name a few ), many cultures have a connection to horns or antlers and a male figure that dies and is reborn through the agricultural year.

“Deep within abundant endings stir the seeds of fresh beginnings” speaks to the myth of death and rebirth for the good of all. At harvest when life energies are turned from growing plants to delicious meals, when seeds are collected and stored, ready for planting in spring or when one man gives all to ensure continuing safety for others, sacrifice is an integral part of the myths and legends of the Horned One.

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