Dowsing Rods & Hearts from My Kitchen Wand

Dowsing Rods & Hearts

I have tried to convey through Kitchen Wand designs and writing the idea that a persons energetic state in the kitchen has an effect on the foods prepared. Through sharing research and writings by others, my intention was to offer a daily place to practice being conscious of connection to spirit and to encourage a deeper awareness of those energies and responsibilities towards an action that so regularly goes on unconsciously .

Dowsing Rods & Hearts from My Kitchen WandThis was an experiment conducted last week in Jean’s garden.

Let’s start with my full agreement that this is not a double blind, scientific protocols in place, experiment. It was an adventure to see what would happen if we followed a suggestion from E-squared by Pam Grout.

In Chapter 3 she writes, “ Everything in the physical world as we know it is connected to every other thing in the physical world. You are attached and engaged to one underlying universal energy field. “The field“, as Daddy Alby Einstein said, ” is the only reality.

It sounds a lot like what Rumi wrote 800 years ago, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.”

Pam set out experimental questions: ” Could it be true that I am made up of energy? and “If I am energy, I can direct my energy“. Her process for looking at those questions was to suggest the making of dowsing rods, which we did.

Dowsing Rods & Hearts from My Kitchen WandTwo dry cleaning wire coat hangers and a straw is all you need. I cut the hangers at the point where the bottom section starts to curve up to the hanger part. ( One is already done in the picture. The second cut goes half way between the hanger and the corner on the opposite side of the first cut. Bend the angle you have now in the wire from 45 degrees to 90 degrees. Cut the straw in half and put the short side of the hanger into the plastic straw. Voila! Dowsing Rods! The purpose of the straws is so that the rods will be free to move around without touching your hands.

Now comes the adventure part. Pam Grout suggests that you spend a little time with your wands as your energy is probably all over the place. Just like before you focus to begin something that requires your attention.

Dowsing Rods & Hearts from My Kitchen WandWe started with a walk in Jean’s garden, to the apples trees that had been plundered a few days before.

Jean had never used dowsing rods before and as she began to speak about how angry she was at the person who had taken all the apples off her heritage apple trees, the rods began to spin, all the way around, in a full circles.

She talked about what she would really like to do to the thief (which we won’t be repeating here) and did the best she could to get back to the rage she had experienced when she returned home to discover the theft.

Dowsing Rods & Hearts from My Kitchen WandIn an ideal world I would have been able to take video pictures to share but ultimately, I really want to encourage you to try this yourself.

It is about your personal understanding of your energy. Yes, you have it too and yes, you effect it. Consciously influencing it is a skill, good to know, not just when working in the kitchen but around friends, family and others as well.

You can see the rods pointing in opposite directions here. I should have posted the ones were the rods were blurry so you would see there was some serious movement.

Dowsing Rods & Hearts from My Kitchen WandOnce Jean changed her thoughts and started to talk about how much she loved her trees and how beautiful they were and how much she appreciated them in her garden, they pointed forward and sometimes they were wider than the picture shows, more like a traditional dowsing found position.

Pam Grout writes,” The wands will now expand outward as your energy field expands to your positive energy flow“.

Take some time, find a couple of hangers and try it yourself. Having some “hands on” (I know, bad pun) experience in directing your energy flow will give your body a kinesthetic learning experience for creating sacred space. By practicing the opening of your heart and seeing the results first hand it is easier to anchor into yourself the knowledge of how important you are in the preparation of anything in the kitchen, whether for eating or healing or both.

Waverly Fitzgerald in School of the seasons writes, “All that is necessary to enter sacred time is an awareness of the meaning of your actions”.

The place where sacred space and sacred time come together is where magic happens.

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