Enchanting Creation

The spiral is one of the oldest symbols found on the planet. It seems that on at least 5 continents, the cultures who lived there have chosen the spiral to represent a number of concepts;

Creation, Growth, Expansion, Building,
Time, Cycles, Infinity
Retraction, Going within, Journeying, Pathways, Labyrinth and Mandala

Walking the labyrinth or drawing a mandala, when fully connected to the experience, is a consciousness expanding exercise, just like the Whirling Dervishes of Konya,Turkey.

At My Kitchen Wand, with a tagline like  “stirring magic into every meal”, what better symbol than a spiral? That is, after all, the action of stirring, a micro expression of the ongoing expanding of the universe.

Enchanting creation is exactly what a kitchen witch does by blessing with healing and love, the ingredients for the dish being created.

If that sounds a little woo woo to you, check out this experiment done with chocolate at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. http://noetic.org/library/publication-scholarly-papers/effects-intentionally-enhanced-chocolate-mood/

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