Handwashing as Ritual

Most of the recipes from My Kitchen Wand contain a few words about preparation, separating then from now, shifting a state of mind before beginning so that good energy flows.

Honour the apron you put on to protect your clothes. It is no different than vestments or a robe in anchoring a different state of being. Was your hands with the intention of clearing anything that keeps you from being in the present moment.

Stephanie Bennett Vogt in A Year to Clear What is Holding You Back!, explains it this way. “Have you ever wondered how many times a day you wash your hands? Or noticed what it feels like? Are you aware of the water temperature, the quality and smell of the soap you’re using, or how long you keep your hands in the water?

Do you notice the texture of the towel you use to dry your hands? Given a choice in a public restroom, do you reach for a paper towel or the electric drying machine? Environmental impact notwithstanding, with which of these approaches do you come away feeling loved-up and well-tended?”

She knows that letting go can happen when we are conscious of a not so simple thing, being present.

“Is there something today that is troubling you, keeping you up at night, or making you feel blocked?

If so use intentional hand washing, bathing, or dish washing to release the charge that is keeping you spinning in circles or stuck.

Imagine draining water taking it all away today — reducing the stressful build-up and charge creating flow, and helping you feel cleansed, refreshed, and uplifted.”

You can practice anywhere.

“Allow the sight of running water — flowing from the faucets in the sink, shower, bath, laundry, hose. . . to help you remember to…

Stop. Breathe. Let go.”

This next part is not always easy to hear. I hear women who admire Kitchen Wands, “Oh, I would never use it. It is too pretty.” or ” I’d love this for my friend but not for me“. From my candle and soap making days comes “I could never burn that” or “It will be beautiful in my soapdish but if I use it I will loose it“. Please read the next few words slowly and really take them in, you…. are….worthy. You deserve to use nice things, not just have, but without guilt, simply use and enjoy.

I make this point now because Stephanie Bennett Vogt suggests you:

“Get yourself a fabulous, divine-smelling bar of soap and wash your hands s-l-o-w-l-y. . . in a way that invites an honoring of your self.

Take a good long time afterwards to dry your amazing hands, which more often than not, get taken for granted.

Ahh. . . How’s breathing now, just reading this message?”

Use running water and the simple act of washing your hands to anchor your daily practice of letting go of the nigglies. At any time, not just before getting started in the kitchen.

One last thought from Stephanie, ” Even the smallest clearing effort — that is encoded with intention, action, non-identification, and compassion — creates a powerful ripple effect.”

Be a ripplemaker.


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