Hot Chocolate on a Stick from My Kitchen Wand

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Think of this as the start of an idea. The final finished product will depend entirely on what unique bits and pieces you bring to the project and how many little hands get their fingers in the mix. Hot chocolate on a stick can be finished up for a child’s stocking in a cup with a lid or an adult dessert buffet with liquor, ready to be served.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick from My Kitchen Wand

You will need:

1 pound good quality chocolate. More about that below. It can be milk, dark or a mixture

⅓ cup sifted cocoa, either dutch process or regular, your project

¾ cup sifted icing sugar

A couple of pinches of salt

sucker or ice cream sticks

Optional: oil flavourings such as peppermint or orange

Toppings such as crushed candy canes, chopped After Eights, cinnamon/nutmeg sugar, marshmallows and anything else that tickles your fancy.

This can be a busy time of year with lots to do, so take a big breath, a couple if you need to and center yourself in the present moment. If you are doing this with others, you want to enjoy the time togther, not focusing on the other things that need doing. Wash hands, gather ingredients and welcome the compassionate spirits into the kitchen. Begin.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick from My Kitchen WandSo let’s start with the chocolate. This works best with couverture not confectionary coating. That means no palm oil chocolate chips but real chocolate with cocoa butter.

You will be happier with the melt and the finished product. The down side is that when finished and stored in a warm environment, the cocoa butter will begin to separate from the chocolate creating a bloom. So store cold ( not the fridge or freezer ) when making ahead for presents and if the plan is a party leave the finished product some place cool until ready to set the table.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick from My Kitchen WandChop the chocolate and melt over simmering water or short bursts in the microwave. Chocolate can be overcooked if too much heat is applied.

Add in the remaining ingredients as stir until smooth. The chocolate will thicken up and react more like ganache or icing. Transfer the mixture to a piping bag for easiest control but a spoon and spatula will work in a pinch.

If using a plastic piping bag or a sandwich bag and when there are no extra hands around, use a glass to help keep the bag stable. Place the bag in the glass with the edges over the rim and then fill up the bag with the chocolate mixture. Twist the top closed or seal and clip the bottom/corner. Don’t make the cut too big, you want to be able to control the flow.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick from My Kitchen WandPlace about half a tablespoon at the bottom of the containers and drop in some mini marshmallows. Add more chocolate and more marshmallows. I discovered that even small containers can take up a lot of chocolate, so mini marshmallows are a blessing.

Top with more mini marshmallows and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. The sugar won’t stick to the marshmallows but will to the wet chocolate. Add a sucker stick and check back to make sure it stays centered.

I found these little clear cups at a dollar store. They are intended for take along dip and salad dressing, I think. Take a knife or scissor tip and make a hole in the center of the lid. Place over the sucker stick and seal.

Add a bow and label that explains the directions for making hot chocolate. “Heat 6 – 8 oz. milk and when hot, add the sucker stick and stir until melted.” Adding a little light cream is also an option.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick from My Kitchen WandThe suckers will be firm in a couple of hours or you can speed things along by popping them in the freezer for 30 minutes. Not really needed for this option but…..

it is also possible to pour the chocolate mixture into an ice cube tray for an addition to a desssert table. Try adding a plastic spoon instead of a sucker stick. It is also possible to add either oil of Contreau or Bailey’s to the mix for adults or the actual liquor, effectively making frozen truffle mix on a stick. When putting into a mold, be sure to tap the mold firmly to get out the air bubbles and settle the mixture. Repeat if needed. You might want to test your molds to make sure the material will release the mixture properly. Some varieties will stick. Serve unwrapped on a tray with topping on the side and let each guest choose how to finish of their steamy mug.

It is also possible to use regular marshmallows. Simply poke the sucker stick through the center of the marshmallow. Pour a little chocolate, add the marshmallow. The chocolate will come part way up the sides. Cover the marshmallow with remaining chocolate and allow to firm.

If using small paper cups tear off the outside when firm for a matte finish.

So lots of possibilities to fit the specific situation. Kids party fun to family presents to elegant evening, it is all up to you.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick from My Kitchen Wand

Hot Chocolate on a Stick from My Kitchen Wand

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