Not so long ago & in a place not so far away lived a bustling little pixie we’ll call Merry-Belle. It’s not her real pixie name but then you & I couldn’t pronounce it anyway. On this particular day Merry-Belle was neither merry nor belle. She was tired & more than a little worried & that can make even a pixie loose her glow. But Merry-Belle remembered when that had not always been the case & she knew she could be happy & therefore belle again.


Merry-Belle was worried about the wishes. “You need to tend wishes”, Merry-Belle was saying to Dragonfly & the ferns as she worked. “You can’t just make them & then forget. Wishes can’t come true that way. They have to be believed in, REALLY believed in”.


You see”, Merry-Belle explained to the ferns while flitting along the riverbed, ”Wishes are a special kind of light. When you believe & remember them, they stay light but if you forget them & don’t care & love them they loose their light. Then when they go through heavy stuff they get caught inside without enough light to get out again. One of my jobs is to help wishes out of the places they’re stuck so they can go on doing all the good things they’re meant to do”.


Look Dragonfly. See that rock over there?”, Merry-Belle pointed. “it’s full of good wishes. It’s got a wish about happiness and two about someone feeling better…..and the rock beside it has wishes about being safe and having friends”.


Dragonfly flew over to have a look while Merry-Belle got grumpy again.”And there’s another one with another wish & a fourth…..& a fifth rock with even more wishes. It’s so much work to free wishes by myself. It’s too much to do all alone! Oh Dragonfly, I wish others were able to help.”


Dragonfly heard the tone in Merry-Belle’s voice, turned around & flew right back. The ferns heard as well and they began to rustle by the water. “This is not for you alone.”, said Dragonfly in a language you have to be pixie to understand.


Merry-Belle was plunking herself down on a patch of wet moss. “Yuck!”, she thought jumping up to change places.


When All was created, so was the opportunity for All to tend to it. All can add light back to wishes. All can set wishes free”.


All…..everyone!”, cried Merry-Belle thinking hard about what Dragonfly was saying. “That would be sooo much better!.” She said, drying off her soggy bottom.”All can bring light to wishes…. that means when anyone comes across a wish that needs a helping hand they can give one!  Everyone can offer light and everyone can set wishes free!”.


Thank-you Dragonfly. I got my wish too!” Dragonfly and the ferns agreed & Merry-Belle was merry & therefore belle again. It had become an exceptionally good day.


Wishes are such special things”, she thought, beginning to glow again. “We all need to tend the ones we make & everyone can help the ones that loose their way”.


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