Part Eight: Lavender Lemon Cookies from My Kitchen Wand

Part Seven: Lughansa Skills Test

Welcome Back! The story of Lughnasa’s origins are varied. The thing that they all agree on is that Lugh was skilled in many areas and known for his craftsmanship. The games themselves began and developed as part of the celebration to honour his foster mother, Tailtui. Many of the games played required a large field and strength, not apropos for a Harvest Tea. However, Lugh is also connected to the Arts and Sciences and that is where our game will focus. The process below can be a test of mindfulness, knowledge from Art to Science or both.Lughnasadh Skills Test from My Kitchen WandThe answers to the questions are.

1. Beautiful

2. 1969

3. U

4. Water

5. R

6. False

7. Yellow

8. True

9. Joy of Life

10. Computer

That is however not the point of the skills test. Most people will just start at the top and answer the questions, especially if you hand out pencils and say the winner is the one who finishes first. This will test their knowledge of English, History, Science, Art, French and a little music.

If your guests truly follow the instructions, ( which say read the questions, not answer them ) showing skills in attention to detail, concentration, calmness, observation as well as music and English the final answer will be U R uniquely beautiful. ( uniquely can be found in all the bolded and italicized letters on the page )

Now that you know how the coding works, feel free to change up the questions and designs to create any message you would like. You may copy and use the original above or copy the words below the template; change the questions, the font, the artwork, anything really and print out on paper you would like or the template just below. Keep the game to the side somewhere until the right time or roll and ribbon as part of the table decorations. This will work much better if you DO NOT allow your guests to open and read in advance of the game itself.

Lughnasadh Skills Test from My Kitchen Wand

Lughnasa Skills Test
Read the questions.

1. Fill in lyrics “ You are so _______ to me. Can’t you see?”
2. When was the first manned moon landing?____
3. What letter is missing in the word “ vacum”?___
4. 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen combine to make what element?_________
5. What is added to change “fame” to a holder of pictures?____
6. Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning British Monarch?  T or F
7. Golden, mustard, sunshine and butter are shades of what?________
8. Belladonna is a poison. T or F
9. Joie de vivre means____________.
10. Complete the quote. “ To err is human. To really foul things up requires a __________”.            Robert Vaughn

Now put the answers to 3 & 5 on the first two lines below. Collect up the special letters in order & place them on the 3rd line. Finally write the answer to question 1 on the last line.

After the completion of the game would be a lovely time to present the lavender wands and suggest that all your guests are “winners”.


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