Spring Cookie Stamps

Four maple wood laser cut cookie stamps for spring.

Just under two inches in diameter, they have been bathed in beeswax and grape seed oil. Please wash by hand in warm soapy water. Not recommended for a dishwasher.

These stamps have been tested through 10 dozen cookies but it is important to remember that wood has grain and being gentle while pushing down at narrow points is important.

Heart – A filigree heart for Valentines and Mother’s Day. Filigree is beautiful and delicate and just like a heart should be handled with care. An ideograph, the shape is used to express the idea of “heart” both  symbolically and metaphorically as the source and expression of  affection and love, often the romantic kind but not always. Think of the many hearts that go back and forth over the internet these days.

Moon Gazing Hare/Rabbit –  When gazing at the moon in Europe, there is a reasonable possibility you will be “seeing” the hare on the moon, not the face of a man. This ancient symbol is perfect for Ostara and Easter. It symbolizes fertility, growth, re-birth, abundance, new beginnings and fortune. The fertility connection comes from the fact that female hares can carry bunnies of different pregnancies at the same time. Try tucking a few tiny candies in the grass or add a small piece of mini-marshmallow for a tail and the Easter bunny won’t be far away.

Equinox Egg – Eggs are an almost universal symbol of rebirth, a visual shorthand for un-hatched potential, fertility, hope, purity, and as Elton John sings, the circle of life. They herald the start of a new season that in many places begins a fresh agricultural cycle. The reason that we even have seasons is the 23.5 degree tilt that the earth spins on and is why the half circles of the design are also on an angle. And because I am a bit of a nerd, the design is an homage to the shadow serpent that slithers down the steps of Chichen Itza each equinox. Use for Easter, Spring Equinox and Ostara cookies.

Spring Flowers – Daffodil and Tulip for Mother’s Day, May Day and Beltane. The first flowers of spring are here. The sun is returning and there is life renewing itself everywhere in nature. Flowers and bees are at work spreading the pollen that makes the flora world go round. Hearts and flowers make a lovely combination for telling anyone you care.

Set of Four Spring Cookies Stamps      $19.00 Canadian




It is best to use a recipe with little or no large extra bits. Spices, extracts and zest are fine but chopped nuts and dried fruits can be more challenging to work with. The cookies in the picture below have a bit of added orange zest.

Roll out dough of your chosen recipe and cut circles either with a glass or scalloped edge cookie cutter.

Tap stamp in flour and push down into the center of the precut cookie.


Sugar cookies are traditionally taken from the oven before they brown but since these cookie will not be iced, I personally prefer to get them just a little golden around the edges. That will mean a little paying attention so as not to over bake.

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