Earth Day Part Two from My Kitchen Wand

Earth Day Part Two

Earth Day Part Two from My Kitchen WandHappy Earth Day Everyone! Here are three more suggestions for celebrating, today or any other day. As mentioned yesterday Earth Day is about a world view as much as it is about April 22.

4. Nature Crafts There are many ways to support the natural wildlife and the bees that keep our harvests healthy. A little wood and a few hours of cutting and nailing will help keep everyone happy by replacing the habitats we are taking away.

Activity Make a home for local birds, mason bees or bats. It is a inexpensive family project that can include recycling, education, skill building and creative decorating.

Earth Day Part Two from My Kitchen Wand5. Community Cleanup or Fair

More and more cities organize events around Earth Day. There may be a Farmers Market to spotlight locally grown products that also reduce transportation pollution. Or a public event to learn how to compost, recycle, eat lower on the food chain or enhance permaculture.

Activity. Check the local listing to see what is going in your community. If there is nothing, bring it up to a Parks Board member and suggest that something be created for next year.

Earth Day Part Two from My Kitchen Wand6. Show your support. Share your love and respect for our home and pass those feelings along to the generations to come. It may be that your kids/grandkids bring something home from school that gets you going. Either way, this is the only home we have and making choices that show we care is the only way to keep her safe.

Activity You can choose to wear earth colours or make a special meal with fresh healthy ingredients from a trip to a local grower, watch an important documentary together or attend a public event. Join a tree planting initiative or a community clean-up, start composting or choose to go as plastic free as possible. Have a chat about what you, as a family, can do to lessen your impact on your communities.

Each choice we make that protects and respects the planet, strengthens the bond of people working towards change. Some may feel called to walk in protest and others to buy bulk or organic. All efforts heading towards the 100th monkey and the shift of consciousness needed to succeed. Earth Day reminds us to do the best that we can each and EVERY day.

Bright Blessings Honoured Mother

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