Join me in creating a spot of Lammas tea? from My Kitchen Wand

Join me in creating a spot of Lammas tea?

Over the next five weeks, on Tuesdays and Fridays, my plan is to post what I am doing to get ready for a Lammas Harvest Tea. I will tell you where I am buying supplies and what I am making myself.

My intention is to share the essence My Kitchen Wand, which is to be present throughout the process of preparing food/events so that as you work in your kitchen or workshop you are infusing your creations with love and appreciation.

Lammas/Lughnasa occurs on August 1 and is the first of three harvest celebrations in the Celtic and other Calendars. If these are new words, think Thanksgiving at the start of the season instead of the end. It is a time when, if the weather had been good, the first cuts of wheat are made, so Lammas ( or Loaf mass ) is connected to grains and breads and is more of an English word. Lughnasa, is additionally connected to the Irish God Lugh and while celebrated at the same time, has a slightly different feel as it includes games of skill and competitions as an honouring of sacrifice by Lugh’s foster mother in her creation of farming land.

So let’s start with the overall plan. This is not a high tea which includes savoury items as well. This is light tea, focused on treats ( after all this is a celebration of all the good things the Earth has shared and the bounty that was available to all for such a short time before airplanes, fridges, freezers and dehydrators gave us year round access )

This is my Harvest Tea Menu.  Lammas Tea Harvest Menu

In my part of the Pacific North West, strawberries are still available so we will be making Strawberry & Rose Petal Jam but if you are further south and want to use blackberries or pears instead, please feel free to change up anything that works for you. Use what you like and leave the rest.

At the end of the day it is the experience of truly sharing quality time together with the people you love, celebrating the harvest we receive from Mother Earth that is important. ( Don’t sweat the small stuff )

Lammas is a fire celebration so, candles and invisible inks will come into play as well as party favours, music and compliments of Lugh, a game.

Who are you going to invite to your Lammas Harvest Tea?

Next time: What I am purchasing, why and from where and an invitation option.

Bright Blessings,


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