Mint Cucumber Bath Salts from My Kitchen Wand

Mint Cucumber Bath Salts

Epsom salt baths are used to sooth muscle pain and relieve the itching of sunburn and plants like poisin ivy. They also aid in improving sleep, removing splinters, fighting flu and colds,  decreasing swelling and boosting the magnesium and sulfate levels in your body.

You will need about 2 cups for a full bath and 1/2 cup for a foot bath. Soak your tired, achy, deserving body for 12 – 15 minutes.

Mint Cucumber Bath Salts from My Kitchen Wand

You will need:

2 cups Epsom salt

1/2 cup fresh mint leaves

cucumber skin from half a cucumber

5 drops Mint essential oil (optional)

With gratitude for the harvest, gather the ingredients together. Focus on your intention; healing, rebalancing, relaxation while the blender is busy.

Mint Cucumber Bath Salts from My Kitchen WandMeasure epsom salt into a blender and add the mint leaves and cucumber skin.

Pulse until mixed and transfer to a paper towel lined cookie sheet to dry. Store in a warm location for about a day.

Once dry add the essential oil if using and mix well. Then find a cool, dark, air tight location until ready to use. Or better yet just turn the taps in the bathtub on, bar the door and enjoy.

You will find recipes online that suggest using the entire cucumber. If you choose to do that and there is only one reason not to, be sure you intend to use your freshly made bath salt mixture immediately once made. Do not store. Just as sugar over fresh strawberries bring out the juices, so does salt over cucumber.

Mint Cucumber Bath Salts from My Kitchen WandIf your plan is to make and store these bath salts, a reasonable consideration would be not to keep pulling the liquid out of the ingredients. That is why in this recipe only the skins are included.

The salt aids the capture and preservation of the natural green color by quickly drying the fresh ingredients. All natural but you will notice a slight shifting in hue over time.

Once dry, this mixutre will be lumpy. Crushing the larger pieces is allowed and recommended as getting your hands into the salt is also a good way to mix in the essential mint oil if you are using any.

Cucumber Mint Bath Salts from My Kitchen Wand

Cucumber Mint Bath Salts from My Kitchen Wand, cooling and refreshing.



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