Braised Tomatoes from My Kitchen Wand

Braised Tomatoes

In German, this is called Schmore Tomaten which translates as Braised Tomatoes. It is basically scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions and is an easy dish to whip up even if it is not late summer. We have a large hydroponic gardening sector where I live so peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes are available year round. Although this will be more flavourful¬† (there’s that Canadian spelling again) with vine ripened tomatoes in September, it is still a dish to consider for simple home cooked dinners during semi to full quarantine, when minimal ingredients can help make life easier.

My chives are up now and if you also have a bit of an herb garden, feel free to add in what is on hand as the year moves forward, for taste and added micronutrients.

Onions have along history of helping boost the immune system,  fighting colds, coughs, high fever, and sore throat. A South Asian remedy is to simply cut and soak onion in drinking water for about seven hours. Then drink three to four tablespoons of the infused water three times day. Add a little honey if needed. 

Another option is to finely chop raw onions and place in a small jar. Top with honey and allow to sit for a couple of days. Store in a cool location so as to avoid fermenting and take a teaspoon several times a day.

Braised Tomatoes from My Kitchen WandYou will need:

1 Tbsp. butter per person

1/2 onion per person

1 medium tomato per person

2 eggs per person

Fresh chives if handy ( optional )


seasoning salt

In unstable times, such as we are currently experiencing, holding tight to our foundational beliefs can supply comfort. They can hold us up above the fear that may be swirling around and about. Beyond the practical, this experience can feel like a test of our sense of safety. So let’s begin by finding a place of gratitude. Yes, there are challenges across the board, for most of us though, at this stage of the process, there is a roof over our heads and there is food available. In the present moment we are safe. Take a deep breath, hold for a moment and release. Repeat, feel your shoulders drop. In the present moment you are safe. Hold gratitude in your heart and begin.

Braised Tomatoes from My Kitchen WandPeel and chop onions while the butter is melting in a frying pan.

Once the butter is melted, add the onions and cook over medium heat until they are becoming transparent.

The onions do not need to be fully cooked and there will be more time in the frying pan once the tomatoes are added.

Wash and dice the tomatoes. The size is up to you. Here they tend to be on the large size but feel free to make them smaller if that is your preference.

Keep all the liquid from the tomato dicing as it can all go into the frying pan.

Braised Tomatoes from My Kitchen WandAdd the tomatoes and continue cooking.

My step mother tended to start this part and then allowed it to bubble on the back burner on low until she needed it.

The liquid will evaporate over time.

When ready to finish, combine the eggs, pepper, chives if using, and a little salt in a measuring cup and mix, either with a fork or an immersion blender.

A fork is more likely to give you yellow and white eggs once cooked and an immersion blender will produce a homogenized pale yellow when finished.

Braised Tomatoes from My Kitchen WandPour the eggs into the hot vegetables and let sit for a few minutes before folding the mixture.

You can see the edges have already cooked in the picture on the left.

Continue cooking over medium heat for a few minutes and then fold or stir again.

Repeat until the eggs are cooked to your liking but are not dry.

Transfer to a plate, top with additional seasoning salt and a few sprigs of chive.

Serve with a buttered slice of bread that can be eaten separately or used as a “plate” for the eggs to eaten from. Doubling this recipe can work for three people with smaller appetites, especially if there is extra bread available.

Seasoning salt is a tasty finish for this recipe. Here is the link for making your own this summer.

Braised Tomatoes from My Kitchen WandBraised Tomatoes from My Kitchen Wand

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