Chamomile Lemonade from My Kitchen Wand

Chamomile Lemonade

A calming, thirst quenching summer drink with three ingredients.

According to Medical News Today there are a range of health benefits to having chamomile in your diet, inflammation reduction, relaxation, better sleep, support in reducing blood sugar level and diminished menstrual pain.

Magically chamomile is an herb of purification and protection.To prevent negativity from entering your home, one suggestion is to plant chamomile near doors and windows. A sachet with chamomile can be carried on your person when you think there might be physical or magical danger.

Sound like a helpful herb to have in and around your house?

Chamomile Lemonade from My Kitchen WandYou will need:

Chamomile tea bags



With your intention, (calm, protection, health, healing) in mind gather the ingredients. Take a deep breath and release. Invite the compassionate spirits and begin.

Boil fresh water and make 2 – 3 cups of tea. If the plan is to add ice cubes when serving this drink cold, making double strength is also an option.

While still warm add the honey and stir to dissolve. It is always easier to combine honey with warm ingredients than cold ones. Once the tea has cooled down a bit add in the juice of 1/2 – 1 lemon per two tall glasses.

Adjust the volumes of each of the ingredients to suit your tastes. Store in the fridge until cold.

Note: If you have a summer cold, drink this as hot as possible to help ease the symptoms.

Chamomile Lemonade from My Kitchen Wand

Chamomile Lemonade from My Kitchen Wand

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