Chocolate Wafer Roll for Equinox from My Kitchen Wand

Chocolate Wafer Roll for Equinox

Looking for a quick to make contribution to an equinox potluck? Black and white combinations are an appropriate choice. Equinox cookies or dark & light meringues are also good options when a little more time is available.

This wafer roll highlights that coming together of opposites and it doesn’t get any simpler. Really! It is also possible to replace the sweetened whipped cream with a tub of Dream Whip. ( I guess that means it does get simpler.)

The dark and the light are a traditional symbol for an equinox. It is a recognition of balance. More than that it is an acceptance of both, not a ” that’s just the way it is” acceptance but a deeper understanding of duality, comparison and reflection.

Chocolate Wafer Roll for Equinox from My Kitchen Wand

You will need:

2 cups whipping cream

vanilla sugar to taste

1 package of chocolate wafers

3 Tbsp. chocolate curls (optional)

Take a moment before you begin to close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Work may be love in action but it works best when it is consciously in the kitchen. Gather your supplies and equipment while bringing your focus into the present moment. Check internally are you holding on to any “nigglies” that need releasing before starting. Let go and begin.

When buying the wafers check for broken pieces. Using the broken cookies will give crooked lines when serving so try to avoid buying a package with lots of broken wafers.

Chocolate Wafer Roll for Equinox from My Kitchen WandWhip the whipping cream to soft peaks and add enough sugar to sweeten to your taste.

I have a jar at home with vanilla beans and sugar that just keeps getting refilled as it is used.

No vanilla sugar? No problem. Vanilla extract and regular sugar will work too. (About 3/4 tsp. extract)

After the whipping cream is finished, comes the putting together part.

A couple of tips:

Check out the difference between the picture on the package and my finished roll. I was looking for even width stripes of black and white for equinox but a smaller amount of whipped cream between the cookies would have brought more flavour to the finished roll.

Chocolate Wafer Roll for Equinox from My Kitchen WandWhatever amount you choose, add it equally between all the cookies to create equally spaced stripes.

Make sure the cookies are all straight and not at an angle like the first cookie on the right side of the picture below. It shows up again on the right side of the final picture.

I put down a strip of whipping cream on the serving platter to set the cookies on.

Then I made a piles of 4-6 cookies and cream which were added to the plate. Repeat, repeat, repeat until all the cookies (or as many as you want to use have been added to the plate). A nice option for this recipe is that it is possible to cut it in half or a third for a smaller group.

Gently adjust the cookies into a straight line before using the remaining whipped cream to cover the entire roll.

Decorate as you would like. I sprinkled with some chocolate curls. Refrigerate for at least four hours. More time works too, especially if there is less whipped cream between the wafers as the softening will take longer.

Serve by cutting slices at a 45 degree angle to create the stripes.

Chocolate Wafer Roll for Equinox from My Kitchen WandThis is recipe has been around the years and like Rice Krispie Squares in on the package.

For an equinox celebration I left the whipping cream plain as I wanted a black and white presentation. For everyday, consider adding Kahlua, Bailey’s, Crème de Menthe or something similar to the whipped cream. Two to three tablespoons so gelatin is not needed but there is a little more flavour. Another way to intensify the flavour is to use just a tablespoon of whipped cream between the cookies. This will ensure there is more cookie and less whipped cream in each slice. Sprinkling with roasted unblanched almond slices is another idea.

Okay, I am going to stop now. Happy Equinox!

Chocolate Wafer Roll for Equinox from My Kitchen WandChocolate Wafer Roll for Equinox from My Kitchen Wand

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