Cookie Cutter Valentine Candle from My Kitchen Wand

Cookie Cutter Valentine Candle

With Valentine’s Day on its way, here is an idea that can be put together in a few minutes.

It is a great way to use up left over bits and pieces hanging around the craft table. Spray glitter can be added to the finished candle if on hand and easily accessible.

Any really small pieces leftover from this project can be used in creams and salves.

Cookie Cutter Valentine Candle from My Kitchen Wand

You will need:

Beeswax sheet(s)

LX 1265 wick

1 inch heart shaped cookie cutter

I happened to have four colours that would work for this project on hand. If you have two colours easily available then go with two. If you need to run to the store then buy what you would like. One pretty colour works too.

Cookie Cutter Valentine Candle from My Kitchen WandEfficient cutting will leave more wax available for other projects. If doing this project with children, watch where they are putting the cookie cutter and move if need be as youngsters tend to go for the middle of the wax first.

Cut a total of 17 hearts. Four of each colour is what I am doing with an extra red for the very top.

Cookie Cutter Valentine Candle from My Kitchen WandThere are two ways to center the wick. One is to use a knitting needle, find the center and push down in a straight line to puncture each heart in the same position.

The second option is to start at the bottom and build the candle layer by layer pocking a hole before inserting the wick.

The proper wick size in dependent on the WIDTH of the candle. I used an approximately one inch heart cookie cutter to make something similar in size to a votive candle. The red cookie cutter in the first picture would need a very different size of wick or possibly three to burn properly.

I used an LX1465 wick for this specific candle. If your cookie cutter is two inches in diameter, LX16 or 18 would be a better choice. An LX wick has a small, round, metal tab at the bottom that all the hearts will sit on. Be sure though to sit the finished candle on a proper candle holder.

The 65 in the coding is the length of the wick in millimeters. 65 is just over 2 inches so it would have been possible to add more hearts to the candle in the picture, making it a little taller.

Check with the craft supplier near you for wick size suggestions if needed. Wicks and Wax is my supplier. They are wonderfully helpful and will ship supplies.

Done in just a few minutes!

Cookie Cutter Valentine Candle from My Kitchen WandCookie Cutter Valentine Candle from My Kitchen Wand

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